Emergency News Bulletin!

Hey there, dear readers! If you’re wondering where the reviews are, don’t worry about it. I’m postponing them to next week; blame college finals for why I haven’t started working on them. I also want these reviews to be the best that I possibly can. That means that instead of handling four reviews a week, I’ll be doing two reviews a week. Expect them to be on Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you’re wondering what my reviews are going to look like, imagine if 366 Weird Movies and Good Tickle Brain somehow had a baby and they decided to name Movies Silently and Pre-Code.Com as that child’s official godparents. Those review websites were my major inspiration for this dog-and-pony-show, so stealing appropriating their techniques is my way of giving them a further shout-out. Believe me, the writers/bloggers/cartoonists working over at these sites are really excellent at what they’re doing for a living; go support them by heading over there and browsing their websites whilst I’m busy preparing for next week’s reviews! I’ll post the links at the conclusion of this news bulletin, so you too can learn from the masters!

If you’re wondering what those two reviews are going to be, I’m gonna be nice and reveal them to whet your appetite for next week. They’re gonna be Lars Von Trier’s provocative morality fable¬†Dogville (2003) and Roy Ward Baker’s Titanic docudrama¬†A Night To Remember (1958); for my first week, I’ll be covering two of my favorite subjects: vintage Americana and maritime disasters! [Yes, I know that I have weird tastes, but I honestly would rather have eclectic preferences than subject myself to narrow-minded mainstream standards.]

Here are the links for those wonderful websites that I may-or-may-not-be-stealing-from:

366 Weird Movies

Good Tickle Brain

Movies Silently


If you have other cool blogs that you think that I’d really enjoy, please comment below! As always, take care and have a splendid week, my fellow cinephiles!